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Smoking Cessation

Have you been trying to quit smoking and nothing ever seems to work? Adverts are even plastered all over cigarette packets of the devastating effects yet that still does not put us off. Why? You’re already aware of all the negative health issues but seem unable to stop? Have you tried all the gums, patches and other nicotine replacement treatments? Nothing seems to work? There are very good reasons why you have been unable to quit which may not seem obvious. During the consultation you will find all these answers yourself. Once you have the answers it’s like having the key to unlocking the door to been a no-smoker. 
Please note: The success rates for stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is very high.
Give me a call today if you are ready to kick this dreadful habit.  
Hypnotherapy treatment for smoking can dramatically reduce cravings and nicotine withdrawal and reduce the chance of any weight gain. 
The only control centre that can really make you quit smoking is right there in your mind and that’s where hypnotherapy comes in. This therapy alters your thought processes to reinstate that you are a non-smoker, exactly as you were when you were born. Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation has a fantastic success rate for those people who are 100% committed and have decided that the time is right for them to stop smoking.   

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