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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 
Is hypnosis safe?
When in the hands of well trained, professional hypnotists, it is. The trouble with most reports is that they blame the procedure, when it is actually the individual’s fault. News of hypnosis sessions going awry is not the fault of hypnosis as a science but unskilled amateurs and fake hypnotists. That is why it is crucial to research the background of any hypnotist prior to even making an appointment. Remember that you should trust this person, if you don't the session will not work.
Surely wasting your time and hard earned money is reason enough to make sure they’re legitimate.
Can everyone be hypnotised?
Almost everyone can be hypnotised, the exceptions are very young children, people with severe psychological issues and people who don't want to be hypnotised (no one can be hypnotised against their will).
Is it possible that I won't wake up?
Absolutely not. It is possible that you could fall asleep during hypnosis but no chance that you won't wake up, you will either wake up when you are ready or you feel it is time because the hypnotherapist has stopped talking.
Is it true that I may be able to discover more about myself whilst in hypnosis?
Yes. Since you'll be dealing with the subconscious mind, you may discover some facts about yourself that you may not have been aware of before. This is not some mystical fact or some unconscious secret. Mostly, you'll become enlightened about the things that you sometimes hide from yourself. You may even recognise concealed motivations and repressed feelings that in some ways can help you become a better person.
What conditions can hypnosis help with?
Some of the most common conditions that hypnosis can help with changing are an existing mindset and personality. A person for instance who easily loses their temper can learn to be patient through hypnosis. The same goes with a person who cannot stop talking or gossiping. Students have used hypnosis to improve their grades and enhance learning. Hypnosis can improve your memory and level of concentration. Hypnosis has worked wonders for some people by relieving pain in the body, hypnosis can make a person forget about the pain or not feel the pain at all. It can be also be used for smoking cessation, fears & phobias and many other conditions (see Treatments) for a list of some of the more common treatments I help my clients with.

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